2020-2021 Dance Season

Classes begin Tuesday, September 8th

New Address: 10701 93rd Ave N, Suite D, Maple Grove MN 55369


How many students will be in each class?
A maximum of 7 students will be in each class at this time to allow for social-distancing.
What 3 days per month are the Saturday class held?
Saturday Class Dates:
Sept 12, 19, 26
Oct 3, 10, 24
Nov 7, 14, 21
Dec 5, 12, 19
Jan 9, 23, 30
Feb 6, 20, 27
Are private lessons available this fall?
Yes, we have a 6 Session Private Lesson Package Option available this fall to work 1:1 with Erin (Level 2-5 students, ages 10 and up). Only 5 packages are available and 3 are already taken. If interested, contact Erin at www.rincenua.com/communication
What is the "before class" drop-off procedure?
We ask that your child enters the facility 5 minutes prior to class. This will  allow the previous class of students 5 minutes to leave since we have a 10 minute transition time between classes. 
What is the "after class" pick-up procedure?
Please be available to pick up your child immediately. Dancers have 5 minutes to exit the building so that the next class of dancers can enter and get ready for class. The studio closes immediately after classes complete Monday-Thursday at 8:30pm and Fridays at 7:00pm.
Can Beginner/Level 1 parents watch class?
Beginner/Level 1 students can have one parent or guardian come into the lobby with them. We do not have a viewing monitor at this time, but if you wish to stay during classtime, you can catch a glimpse of class through the viewing door. All parents/guardians are asked to stay socially distanced in the lobby and wear a mask at all times.  If you need to bring young children in with you, they would need to sit on your lap or sit next to you and not be wandering around. Restrooms are not available to parents during class.
Can Level 2-5 parents wait in the lobby during class?
Please contact Erin at www.rincenua.com/communication if you are a Level 2-5 parent who would like to request to stay in the lobby during your child's classtime. 
What should my child wear to class?
Athletic apparel (t-shirt with shorts or leggings)
Irish Dance Shoes
Long hair tied back
No jeans, coats, hats, or school uniforms 
No revealing clothing that shows midriff or buttocks
No logo t-shirts unless Dance/Irish Dance themed.
If wearing a skirt to class, please wear shorts or leggings underneath. 
For safety reasons, skirts should not go past the knee and pants should not touch the floor
What should my child bring to class?
A Dance Bag with Dance Shoes in it, and a Water Bottle full of water. No snacks or birthday treats are allowed in the facility at this time.
Does my child need a face covering?
Yes, please have your child (ages 6+) wear a face covering when entering/exiting the building. 
Face coverings are optional while dancing. 
When should my child NOT attend class?
If you think your child has been exposed to Covid-19, or if she/he has experience primary symptoms of Covid-19 such as a fever of 100.4 or higher or a new cough within the past 10 days.
Can my child attend classes virtually from home if needed? 
Yes. Please contact Erin at www.rincenua.com/communication if you need to request access to class via a Zoom link. Please provide 3 hours notice if possible. 
When is the Studio closed? 
Studio Closed/No Class Dates:
Nov 25-27 (Wed-Fri)
Dec 23-Jan 1 (Wed-Thur)
Jan 1 (Fri)
March 17-19 (Wed-Fri)
March 29-31 (Mon-Wed)
April 1-2 (Thu-Fri)
May 31 (Mon)
July 5-9 (Mon-Fri)
August 13 (Fri)
Aug 30-31 (Mon-Tues)
When is the studio open? 
Monday: 5:30pm-8:30pm
Tuesday: 5:00pm-8:30pm
Wednesday: 5:30pm-8:30pm
Thursday: 5:00pm-8:30pm
Friday: 5:00pm-7:00pm
Saturday: 8:50am-12:20pm, 3 times a month
My dancer needs shoes. What should I do?  
You can read through our shoe resource page. You can also schedule a time with Erin to have your dancer try on shoes at the studio.
How do I sign up for the Digital Feis Recording Session at Rince Nua on Saturday, September 12th?  
You can sign up here if you want your child to record their September Digital Feis dance entries at Rince Nua. Level 2-5 Dancers only.
Who is my child's dance teacher?  
Beginner/Level 1 & Level 4/5: Ms. Erin Cooney
Levels 2/3: Ms. Emma Roeder
Will there be an online student portal this semester with videos?  
Yes, there will be a student portal available. Be looking for an email later this week with info on how to access it.
My child is enrolled as a 100% online student. What will our schedule look like this week?  
Your child will be able to attend livestream classes via a zoom link. We will email you the zoom link and password directly. There will also be a weekly check-in class every Friday at 5:00pm where your child can show Ms. Megan Smith what you've been working on each week for feedback. 
If you have any additional questions, send to: www.RinceNua.com/communication
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